First blog post by Oren Loni

Blogging about sports is new to me. I started a blog on blogspot at a few days ago and I’m just trying to test out which platform works better for me. Here’s my little story in a nutshell. Ever since I was a little boy, I was completely obsessed with playing futbol with my friends. I can remember playing the sport for 5-6 hours straight without stopping. I was way more athletic and focused then, but I’m still the same way now. It’s always been my professional goal to make it as a professional futbol star.

I’m new to social media as well and started a few accounts to tweet and pin my favorite posts and pictures. You can follow my Oren Loni Twitter to read my latest posts. I share the coolest stuff floating around the Internet. I also have a Oren Loni tumblr page as well.

Here are my thoughts on Futbol by Oren Loni

Futbol is by far one of the most amazing and dramatic sports to me. I always enjoyed healthy competition between two teams. I think I played the game when I was 8 years old. That was a very very long time ago. I’m 27 years old now and I wished I was able to make it to the pros. I practiced everyday and was able to make the most amazing field goals. I was tuff, I was a leader, and at times I carried my team to victory.

I wouldn’t stop until we won! I love futbol and I learned so much about life because of the game.



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