Oren Loni – my story told by me!

I was born and raised in Portugal and has always been a leader to my friends. I always thought I was going to be a famous Futbol star and play for the best. I’m a dreamer and a risk taker! I always wanted to start a blog and write about my views on sports. You can view my blog Oren Loni¬†and you also follow me on twitter, facebook, pinterest, google plus, and about.me.

If you have any commentary or would like to guest post, I’ll be happy to learn more. I ideally want to build a blog that will be like a forum among futbol fanatics like myself. I want people to know that Oren Loni blog is the place to read the latest in sports and comment your thoughts like all the other social media websites and apps.

Oren Loni Sports Blogger